Kitchen Care Induction Base Hard Anodized 22cm Tawa – 4mm Thickness


Kitchen Care Induction Base Hard Anodized 22cm Tawa - 4mm Thickness


  • 4MM Thick aluminium Body -: Durable cookware that heats up quickly and uniformly. Thick aluminium ensures even heat distribution which ensures the food does not burn.
  • NON-Stick : This cookware has got toxic free non-stick coating so that your food doesn’t stick to the cookware. This makes cleaning easy and hassle-free. Product is free of PFOA.
  • LONG LIFE : Cookware use Hard-Stone outer coating that makes cookware last long time and makes it flame Proof, No Coating Peel of due to high flame.

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Cook with ease with the wide base of this tawa that ensures your food cooks evenly & quickly. The comfortable grip of the prema-cool handle helps in handling the tawa without any hassle. Enjoy a convenient cooking experience with the versatile function of the tawa base that allows you to cook on gas. Riveted handles which ensures handles don’t get loose over long period of time.

Apex Chapati Tawa 10 (26 cm), Hard Anodised 4 MM Thick Heavy Tava 260 mm, Cool Touch Stainless Steel Rod Handles

  • Long lasting, scratch resistant, metal spoon friendly
  • Pfoa and cancer free coating, non toxic, non porous, non reactive with food, non staining
  • Thick heavy gauge metal ensures fast and even heat conduction and retains heat well, gas stove compatible.

KITCHEN CARE Hindalco Tawa 24 cm diameter

  • Premium Tawa that provides Healthier Cooking With Little or No Oil, Ideal for Making Chapatis, Crepes, Parathas, and many more delicious recipes. Use wooden spatula for best results.

    KITCHEN CARE Hindalco Tawa 24 cm diameter

Hindalco tawa are made of hard anodized with 5 layer superior quality. less oil consume. Light weight. This tawa is compatible in Gas stove. The ergonomically designed handles provide a comfortable grip while you are cooking. The convenient helper handle gives added support while moving the pan. Handles are made of stay cool material.
KITCHEN CARE Hindalco Tawa 24 cm diameter