Archie Stello Stainless Steel Insulated Casserole – 1000ml


Archie Stello Stainless Steel Insulated Casserole - 1000ml


  • Double Wall Stainless Steel Casserole Which Keeps Your Food Hot For Long Hours.
  • The Stainless Steel Body Inner And Outer Surface Of Double Walled Casserole Keeps Your Food Hot For Hours. Capacity: 1000ml.
  • Stainless steel is one of the most preferred materials for kitchen use because it is non-toxic and easy to clean.
  • Unique (Special) Design Casserole Is Simple And Easy To carry. Integrated Handle System Helps In Carrying Your Food From kitchen To Dining table Easily.
  • Insulated Casseroles with food grade steel inside. Casseroles are double-walled, with a stainless-steel inner surface to keep food hot and fresh-tasting for hours.
  • Smart dual-tone outer finish. Integrated side-handles which allows for easy carrying
  • This insulated container is simple to use, and elegant to take centre-stage at your dining table.
  • Easy and convenient to clean. Non Toxic And Non Reactive to food. Durable with longer life. BPA Free

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Elegant and sophisticated design is a sure head-turner

Whether it is enjoying a nice meal with your family or serving a large group of friends at a get-together, the beautifully finished casserole is bound to become the centre of attention everywhere.

Double-walled insulation keeps food fresh for long

Irrespective of whether you put hot or cold items into the casseroles, the well-insulated walls of the casserole ensure that the original temperature of the food is maintained for sustained durations.

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Increased mobility and outdoor use

The casserole features firm grips, twist-lock mechanisms and integrated side handles to help you carry your favorite meals without worrying about spillages or leaks.

Food-Grade Steel

The inside steel in food-grade safe. It is easy and convenient to clean.


This casserole set has an inner and outer steel body. Its double-walled insulation keeps your chapattis and other foods fresh for you to consume hours after you have prepared it.

casserole big size also available.


Hot box

Designed to keep your food fresh and hot for a long time say 4 to 6 hours, the Casserole Set has a double-walled insulation system.

Hot boxes for kitchen

The casserole set is constructed with stainless steel inside out for unchanging of your food’s temperature. With an integrated handle, the casserole is easy to carry as well.