HydroVac Thanda Garam Vacuum Bottle 2in1


HydroVac Thanda Garam Vacuum Bottle 2in1

Range : 895.001,525.00


  • 1.Drink stays icy cold for 24 hous and hot for 18 hours due to our innovative double wall vacuum insulation.
  • 2.For added insulation, bottle include a copper coating that provide a temperature shield , Both Containers are Double Wall Vacuum Insulated, Anti-Skid Bottom.
  • 3. Convenient Size – Height x Width : 12.5 Inch x 3.5 Inch Weight: 498 g
  • 4.Leak Proof: Leak proof, pack you bottle in your bag, backpack and travel luggage without worrying about spills and leaks
  • 5.Sweat free Exterior: Don’t sweat it, our condensation free exterior prevent your bottle from sweating in your hand or in your bag
  • 6.BPA Free: Stay healthy with our BPA free and Non Toxic bottle 15.8/8 Stainless Steel: Constructed from food grade 304 stainless steel, our high quality bottle wont rust, retain or transfer flavors
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Easy To Carry

  • The Vietnam design of this bottle allows easy accommodation in backpacks and rucksacks, making it well-suited for carrying on expeditions and trips.
  • It can be accommodated in office and school bags as well.
  • It can also fit neatly inside your gym bag or sports bag.