Pigeon Comfy 1000W Dry Iron


Pigeon Comfy 1000W Dry Iron


  • Light Weight Handy and Portable
  • This lightweight Insta Iron gives you quick ironing sessions
  • It sports a super clean surface finished with pleasing aesthetics

1000 watt dry iron



Distributes heat evenly

The Pigeon 1000-Watt dry iron comes with a non-stick coating on the sole plate which distributes heat evenly and prevents your garment from sticking to the plate while ironing.

Safe for home usage

This dry iron is equipped with a thermal fuse which automatically disconnects when there is a thermal overload to prevent any damage to the device. This protects the iron from over-heating and ensures that the iron lasts over a longer period of time.

Trendy and ergonomic design

This iron has a lightweight body with a trendy design which is portable and easy to handle. The ergonomic design lets you iron your clothes with minimal physical exertion.

Temperature Control Knob

This ergonomically designed iron comes with a temperature knob which lets you adjust the temperature according to the requirements of the different fabric such as cotton, polyester, silk etc.

Dual light indicator in single LED

The cloth iron comes equipped with a dual light indicator in a single LED which lights up in red when the device is powered on, changes to green when a temperature setting is selected on the knob, and turns red again when the device heats up to the required temperature. This will alert you when you need to switch off the iron to prevent any damage to your clothes.

All round swivel cord

This dry iron comes with a 360-degree swivel cord which reduces strain on your wrists while you are ironing your clothes. The 360-degree rotating feature makes it easy for you to detangle the cord before use.