Frendz Smart Electric Induction Cooktop – 2000W


Frendz Smart Electric Induction Cooktop - 2000W


  • High quality crystal plate. Watt: 2000W. Durable and easy to clean.
  • Digital display. Hot pot, grill, fry vegetables, soup, warming, water boiling, etc.
  • Adjustable temperature & wattage timer.
  • Multi safety devices more reliable to use. Unique design 93% efficiency.
  • 1 Year Warranty.

Easy to Use with Safe Packaging

The 2000 Watt Frendz Induction Cooktop comes with an easy to use polished micro crystal glass induction surface with a responsive touch control panel and LED display that allows for eight stages of power settings. It comes with a 1.35-meter long cable for added convenience.

Multiple Safety Features

This induction cooktop meets international quality standards for safety and performance. The plugs and cables are BIS certified for extra reliability. It also has the enhanced “Auto Standby” safety feature when there is no pan kept on the cooktop. The other safety features include residual heat indicator and fan for auto cooling that keeps working to cool down the residual heat even after the operation is stopped. It is also equipped with resettable thermostat cut-off to protect against overheating and a pause function for additional safety.

Ideal for Indian Cooking

The Induction Cooktop comes with a 4-hour timer and 5 preset options to handle Indian cooking which includes making staples like Idlis, Rotis, Dosas along with cooking modules to boil and fry.