EcoLink 4 Way Multiplug 6A 4 Socket Extension Boards


EcoLink 4 Way Multiplug 6A 4 Socket Extension Boards


  • Easy to connect. Fire resistant protection.
  • 2 sockets for 3 pin plug and 2 sockets for 2 pin plug with LED indicator.
  • Convenient power switch. Sleek dual color design.
  • Universal socket design.
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EcoLink 4 Way Power Plug Adapter

Turn your single socket into a 4 way power plug with this adapter from EcoLink. You can use it for a variety of applications such as home applications, computers and laptops, instruments, TV, VCD and DVD players and other sensitive electronic equipment. It has a power of 1500mA, a voltage of AC 240V and its dimensions measure 120 x 70 x 45mm.

Unique Features


4 way power plug

This adapter has four power plugs. It features two 2 pin plug points on the top corner and two 3 pin plug points on the front face. It has a 3 pin Indian plug on the back for electrical input.

Light indicator

This adapter features a light indicator just below the power switch to let you know when the deviced is powered on or off. The light indicator turns red when powered on.


This adapter is universally compatible. It is compatible with multiple plugs of different countries.


Do not use high powered items such as heaters, iron, hair dryers, kettle, etc. No adapter is suitable for high powered items as there may be overheating or not enough power left for the other sockets.