Ankur Chai Steel Cup 6 Pcs Set


Ankur Chai Steel Cup 6 Pcs Set


  • Attractive shape and design, these stainless steel cups will add glamour to your crockery collection, they are very useful, long lasting and very easy to maintain, so next time you have guests at home you can flaunt your utensil collections in front of them by serving them tea in these adorable stainless steel cups
  • The cups for tea set of 6 are attractive, stylish modern in appearance and have a compact, lightweight design that takes up minimal space while maximizing capacity and add a touch of unconventional style to kitchen/office
  • These are small size cups enough for tea for 1 regular person.
  • COMFORTABLE: Rounded handle is provided in each cup for making it comfortable to hold.
  • The tea cup set of 6 are a great replacement for full plastic drinking cups / breakable ceramic mugs
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  • These cups enhance your tea / chai / coffee drinking experience and bring a ceremonial ending to each cup of tea/coffee.
  • Its comes with corrosion free food grade stainless steel inner. outer side coated with food grade and BPA Free Plastic.
  • These cups adds royal touch in urn daily routing tea/coffee time And this is perfect for special occasions, parties and your special tea/coffee times.