Rema Sports-Pot-500 ml Bottle


Rema Sports-Pot-500 ml Bottle


  • Made of: Steel
  • Bottle Type: Bottle
  • Capacity: 500 ml
  • Pack of: 1
  • Stylish design and high durability Enjoy the superior way to drink water on the go.
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  • MULTIPURPOSE DURABLE FOR COLD & HOT DRINK: Our Water Bottle Is Made From High Quality 18/8 Double Wall Stainless steel, both inside and out.
  • Durable & Lightweight, it can take a beating and still remain Leak Free And Sturdy. BEST FEATURE : Easy to Carry in Purse or Laptop Bag | Works as a Steel Rod (Safety Instrument), Just in Case | Unique Design PRECISION : 100% Leak-proof | Unbreakable | Hot and Cold (12 Hrs) | Stylish to Carry | 100% Stainless Steel | 304 Steel PRACTICALLY STYLISH : All Bottles comes with the Stainless Steel Quality and BPA FREE Technology, made from 18/8 stainless steel on the outside SIZE : 260 ml | Small | Women-Girls-kids | Dimension : Height: 25cm | Diameter: 4 cm | Width: 4 cm | Length: 4 cm

  • Rema Stainless steel water bottles are made of high quality food grade 18/8 stainless steel. It’s designed to be lightweight, reusable, sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Basically it is used to keep in the freezer/Refrigerator but apart from it you can use it anywhere like office, home, kitchen and in the travelling also.
  • This bottle can be used by anyone in your family and you need not to worry about the changing temperatures when you are using the water bottle.
  • This bottle specially designed for cold liquids and beverage. This product should not be used for carbonated drink.